With Bousrin we wanted to create a huge WOW with every frame – to constantly surprise and delight the viewer as the frames progress and coalesce into tight little visual masterpieces. We’ll bring each of Boursin’s flavors to life in a high-energy burst of delicious beauty. There’s a very fun, amped-up adrenaline feeling to these that actually reverses people’s expectations of the brand. This reversal will take them by surprise and draw them in, especially as the shots and sounds unfold. 

Our approach was cinematic, with the intention to reimagine the usual food-porn visual tropes. We treated Boursin (and its ingredients) as if we’re shooting Kate Moss; full-on beauty shots with lots of movement. We shot very high speeds and moved the camera as much as possible, using speed-ramps and reverses to create visually stunning moments. This combined with fresh perspective with new angles, sound design and compositions, allowed us to capture an effervescence of food we’ve never quite seen before. 

It was important to keep these short and sweet with maximum thumb-stoping impact!