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Dedicated to the conservation of creativity and protection of quality digital content.

FRESH collaborates with brands and elevates consumer engagement. First and foremost, we create— creative, production, finishing, and digital distribution. We maintain a direct portal with our clients to ensure that all collaborations are the most constructive and efficient use of time and budgets. 

As architects and creators of content, we saw a metamorphosis happening in the industry. Based in the heart of New York City, the minds behind FRESH identified that engagement and brand awareness are consumed through video content and social media platforms. We saw the industry trying to fit an outdated model to current times. We saw where things were heavy and sluggish. We adjusted. 

FRESH was created in the spirit of adaptability: Each client and job is unique, and we adjust to those needs accordingly. Brought together by clients who need quality against the challenges of a changing industry, we're about the people who make the ideas — we produce and create the content you can't do without.


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